Starseed-Lynx: What Are Indigos & Starseeds


Indigos and Starseeds have been incarnating on the planet for a very long

time and you might be one, your parent or grandparent or even your great,

great grandparent may have been an Indigo or a Starseed.   Below, we will 

look at the differences between Indigos and Starseeds, the difference

between an Indigo 1, an Indigo 2 and an Indigo 3, why we are here, why not

all awakened beings are Indigos or Starseeds and much more.  

Not all Indigos and Starseeds have the same experiences but if you answer

yes to the majority of the bullets below, you may want to explore more deeply

into who you really might be.

You might be an Indigo or Starseed if......

  • You prefer reading sections of books over reading the book from beginning to the end

  • You have feelings of the environment around you being ‘not real’

  • You have frequent or constant ringing in one or both ears

  • You have ‘hot flashes’ even though you are too young, too old, male, etc

  • You experience occasional feelings of what seems to be an electrical shock in various places, especially feet and fingers

  • You experience pressure, vibrations, or a feeling of an open spot on the top of your head

  • You had a difficult time in history class

  • You have always had an inner knowing that there is life ‘out there’

  • You continue to search for the complete teaching of the truth but remain thirsty for the missing knowledge, regardless of how many teachers you listen to 

  • You experience symptoms and ailments that conventional medicine cannot explain or successfully treat

  • You experience occasional dizzy spells

  • You were diagnosed as ADD or ADHD as a child (or if paying attention in class was a consistent issue for you as child)

  • You ever had feelings that you somehow do not belong to the biological family you were born into

  • You feel this world and the things that happen here too harsh and unjust for you


So, what exactly are Indigos and Starseeds and why are we different?  In order

to understand the answer, we must look at the bigger picture, the Galactic view.  Indigos and Starseeds are races of beings from planets other than earth.  The original human being is the Angelic Human Race.  The Indigo Race is from Sirius.  Starseed is a label to represent many different Galactic races such as Pleiadian, Arcturian, Andromedan, etc.  The Indigos and Starseeds on earth are hybrids of Angelic Human and other Galactic races.

Agreements are made between earth humans and the Indigo or Starseed prior

to birth, most often prior to the birth of the parents.  The Indigos and Starseeds

came to earth knowing they would go through the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ just like

all other humans on earth.  This happened because the Indigo/Starseed needed

to fully experience life on planet earth—and none of us chose an easy life, quite

the opposite in fact.  This choice was made for multiple reasons, one being that

‘in order to heal it, you have to feel it’.

Indigos and Starseeds brought DNA structure and vibrations that were higher

than was possible for the Angelic Human.  By bringing in and grounding the

higher vibrations, the consciousness of the planet as a whole would be able to

evolve into higher consciousness, heal, and activate more of the Angelic Human

DNA.  As more and more early Indigos and Starseeds brought these higher

vibrations to the planet, Indigos and Starseeds with even higher vibration were

able to be born on earth. 

In the 1950’s and 1960’s many beings were born with 5+ strand DNA activation

potential--these are often referred to as ‘the early Indigos’.  One of the missions

of the ‘early Indigo’ was to bring in the higher vibrations and anchor that energy,

serving as acupuncture points of higher vibration on the planet.  We fulfilled this

part of our mission by merely being here.  We successfully raised the vibrations

of the planetary consciousness enough for the ‘young Indigos’ to begin

incarnating around 1990.  By 1990, beings with 6+ strand DNA activation potential began pouring onto the planet.  The combined higher vibrations of the ‘early Indigos’ and ‘young Indigos’ brought the planetary consciousness level to the point where beings could incarnate with even more galactic gene code activation.  By 2000, the number of children born with 12+ strand DNA activation potential soared beyond the number of Indigos and Starseeds prior to 2000—these are the children often referred to as Crystal, Rainbow, and Blue Star children.

All of the Indigos and Starseeds came from highly evolved off-planet races.  It

was not possible for the early Indigos to incarnate here with our full consciousness of ‘home’.  We would not have survived the harsh density of 3rd Dimension earth.  In order for us to incarnate and raise the vibrations of earth, it was necessary for us to ‘step down’ our own consciousness as we made our way to earth.  We gave up nothing by doing this.  All of our consciousness is alive and well.  As we work on earth to evolve spiritually, we are able to bring more of the consciousness we left behind into ourselves and embody more of who we really are.  By becoming more of who we truly are, we raise the planetary vibration enough for the Angelic Human Race to evolve consciously/spiritually as well.  Both Indigos/Starseeds and Angelic Humans have the potential to activate enough DNA to Ascend, which is the ultimate goal of the Ascension Timeline.


There are 3 different type of Indigos on the planet today:


Indigo 1

The Indigo 1 is in their first incarnation on the planet.  This means that the Glactic part of their gene code is has not been diluted by multiple incarnations.  Early and Young Indigo 1's often spend many years trying to fit in, be normal, and un-learn the wisdom they brought to the planet.


Indigo 2

The Indigo 2 is in their second incarnation on the planet.  This means they have incarnated, died, and ended up in the 4th Dimension/Astral Plane (known to most religious teaching as heaven) then incarnated again.


Indigo 3

The Indigo 3 is in their third incarnation on the planet.  These being have a heavy duty role to fill.  One of the major tasks for the Indigo 3 is to synthesize polarity between the non-benevolent and the benevolent energies.  Once the Indigo 3 has mastered the polarity integration, their life becomes a bit more peaceful.



Some Indigo and Starseed beings have made contracts to become 'Walk-Ins'. This agreement was made prior to coming to earth.  The walk-in usually happens suddenly and it often happens when the person is at a point of hopeless dispair, when suicide is attempted, or near death experiences.  The walk-in consciousness has made the agreement to work through all emotional and physical imbalances of the being and a period of adjustment and integration is needed.


Some walk-in experiences are actually parts of our own higher consciousness coming into our physical body.  As we consciously engage in evolving our consciousness, we begin to embody the higher levels we left behind in the 'step down' process on our way to incarnate on earth. 




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