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Welcome to Starseed Lynx, a place to find facts about Indigos and Starseeds. 


The site is a work-in-progress and we plan to bring more information in the coming days and months. 


Our plan is to help you understand the roles and overall missions of the star seeded beings who are here on the planet now.  We also plan to offer valuable links to the teaching of Truth available, Truth the Indigos and Starseeds are thirsty for.  There are many misguided sites on the web and our goal is to supply you with some basic information as well as connect you to the highest Truth available. 


There are many sites on the web that appear to be of the highest integrity in the teaching of the Truth of the Law of One but many of those sites are, in fact, delaying or even damaging to the consciousness of the Indigos and Starseeds.  It can be a very tricky place to navigate.  It is vitally important to learn how to read the energy signatures of the information available as well as read the energy signatures of the writers and presenters. 


As you navigate the web in search of Truth for Indigos and Starseeds, always remember, YOU have the power to activate yourself.  No one else can truly activate you to the higher levels of your own consciousness.








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